Living our Dharma

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015


in Sanskrit literally means Pillar,  that which upholds or supports harmony in life.

Living our Dharma in the deepest sense means that all our thoughts, intentions, words and actions support our highest purpose.  Living with integrity to our spiritual purpose, rather than doing things out of duty, guilt or obeying  laws of society, our community or even our family.

Everyone has a special talent or gift. Our quest is to discover what this is …..  It is normally something that we love to do, or do with ease, naturally.  It could be writing, assisting others, artwork, an affinity with numbers, organising, creating, the list goes on.  When we find it, then we need to learn as much as we can about the subject until we are able to bring it to the table and share this gift by being of service to others.  Then we can truly live with joy, happiness and love, contributing to the wholeness of the universe and everyone in it.  This is living your Dharma 🙂

Ideas to help you on your way :-

  1. Write a list of all your talents or things you simply enjoy doing. Notice a common thread between them perhaps.
  2. Imagine how you can you express these qualities ….
  3. Take a piece of paper and write these questions, how can I serve, how can I help, how can I create. Keep going, this may take 20, 30 minutes or more.  Keep going until you write something on the paper that when you look at it – it makes you cry.   This seems strange, but this is when you have hit the right spot within you being.  This is when you land or have found something that is truly meaningful to you, that will also bring meaning to others, from your heart.

Meditation – made easy to get you going

Friday, October 10th, 2014

 Ease into Meditaion

  • Set some time aside, 5 minutes is enough to start with. Turn off your phone 🙂
  • Sit comfortably, in your sacred space, back straight to allow the energy to flow freely.
  • Let your body relax.  Slow your breath down . . .  and just notice how you feel.
  • When thoughts come into your mind which they will do, just accept them  . . . and gently go back to simply watching your breath. Accepting any thoughts, frees you from them,  fighting them only ties you further to them.
  • Let your shoulders relax . . .  imagine a beautiful warm liquid travelling down through your body . . .  warming and relaxing every muscle.
  • Notice how your body slows down and perhaps feels heavier with each out breath.
  • Stay with your breath,  now follow it as it enters your nose , right down through your body . . .   relax even further as you breath out.
  • Stay with the practice for the 5 minutes if you can.
  • When you are ready, open your eyes, move your toes and feet.
  • Notice how you now feel.  Smile 🙂   Move slowly . . .   see how long you can stay in this peaceful space.

Each time you can add one of theses elements to your practice – this will help you relax further

  • Start with relaxing your body, one area at a time . . . with each out breath . . .  relax
  • Now take your awareness into sounds . . .  what can you hear.  Just accept them, then move to the next sound.
  • Notice what you can hear between the sounds. . . What does silence sound like . . .  How does it feel.
  • You may like to pay attention to sensations.  Notice what sensations can you feel in your body, starting with your feet . . .  ankles. . .  working right up to your head. Perhaps you can feel the hair follicles on your scalp. . .  just resting for now.
  • Now take you awareness to just outside your body . . .  then moving further out into the room . . . the building . . . the street . . . the city . . .  the country. . .  the universe.  When it is time to come back, do so gently, bring back your full awareness right into your body. . .  let it settle deep within your . Notice how that feels.
  • You can come to this place of peace and calm at anytime . . .  this is your home . . . it travels with you daily. 🙂


Meditation – I can’t do it !

Monday, August 18th, 2014

Meditation, whats all the hype about ?  Firstly you have to know what  you want to get out of it. Could it be to :-

* Feel calm inside

* Be less stressed

* Feel connected

* Be contented

* Respond well in difficult situations

The easiest way to start your practice is with a group.  From here you can pick up the basics fairly quickly and then continue on your own, if you choose.  The energy within a circle is powerful, allowing you to drop into quiet space quite easily.  With practice, you will be able to do this within a minute or two.  You can be shown simple tools to use on a daily basis, to connect, ground yourself and to feel immediate relief from anxiety to manage stressful situations, that actually work, from day 1 🙂

Commit, Mind Prep, Enjoy

There is nothing you have to ‘do’, meditation ‘does’ you, so to speak.

Once you commit to Meditation, you are three quarters there.  The momentum of commitment  to a quest, is unstoppable.

The practice, i will outline shortly.  Firstly, mind prep, getting into the right head space is very important.  Imagine how you feel when you are about to give a gift to someone, its an energy that moves forward with anticipation, now imagine you are about to receive a gift, the energy is opposite, you sit back ready to receive.   This is the exact same space you need to be in for meditation, ready to receive, rather than moving forward or trying to do it.   I feel this is a common culprit for the feeling of  ‘I can’t do it’.  There simply is no doing. It does you. Make sense ?

Now you are ready to simply enjoy the process.  This time is yours, to just be.  An experience, once grasped will be with you for a lifetime….





Create a Sacred Space for Meditation

Monday, August 4th, 2014

A space becomes sacred because we choose to make it that way, making it special, treating it with utmost respect.   Firstly find an area, clear it of clutter, an area big enough to sit and be comfortable in.  It could even be as simple as a cushion on the ground near a window.  It does not need to be large, even a nook under the stairs is fine.

Once you have found that little spot, or area, make it sacred. By that i mean, hold it in your heart, treat it as special place. This is your place to sit . . . in quietness, find stillness, to meditate, to reflect. If space permits you can have a small low table. I once used 4 house bricks, a plank of wood, and sarong on top.  Decorate it with a flower, a candle, incense, a shell, crystals or something or things you love.  This is your space to come and sit, to sink into stillness, bring peace to and find calm.  As you come to sit in this space, the more calm it will become, picking up on the energy you imbue it with.