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Radiant Health and Beauty -massage       Cairns Massage Raidant Health and Beauty      Radiant health and beauty - foot massage


Experience a deep sense of wellbeing, where tensions are released and balance is restored


Therapeutic:  working into the muscles yet deeply relaxing, leave feeling serene & calm

Massage & Energy Rebalance:  meditation, warmed stone massage & healing 

Swedish:  flowing strokes, very relaxing, gentle or firm

Hot Stones:  deeply comforting & grounding using warmed basalt stones

Ka Huna: a sacred Polynesian massage, a complete experience, nurturing on all levels

Pregnancy: care & relaxation for both mother & baby

Indian Head: fully clothed, using pressure points, very relaxing

Oncology: for cancer clients at any stage of their journey

Modern Cupping:  suction cups are used to release tension

The Deep Relax: De clutter your mind, deeply nourish your body. Experience bliss with this package, outside surrounded by the forest, immerse into nature. Begin your treatment with breath & meditation, followed by a pure relaxation massage & indian head massage, feet and energy balance. Finish your session back on high cushioned meditation mat with bolster for Shavasana & guided meditation. 90 mins of deep relaxation. 90mins 150